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What We Do

Access Lift's primary focus is the sales and installation of new lifts. We are thoroughly familiar with both the residential and commercial markets. Service after the sale is equally important.


 Installation of Residential Lifts

A stairway chairlift requires little or no preparatory construction. The focus here is on product knowledge, making sure you end up with the right lift for your needs with a full understanding of its features and benefits, as well as any potential downside. The goal is to make you confident in your choice and avoid any unpleasant surprises.


A vertical wheelchair lift or a residential elevator involve greater construction requirements. On simpler projects, particularly exterior lifts, Access Lift may act as your general contractor, performing or subcontracting all the work required.


An elevator or dumbwaiter typically involve substantial construction and/or modification of your home's interior. In these cases, Access Lift will work with your builder or contractor to guarantee that the preparatory work is done properly to accept your lift. Similar to commercial construction, these projects demand separate contractors, each doing only what they do best. 

 Installation of Commercial Lifts

If you are a general contractor wondering how a specified wheelchair lift fits into your project, Access Lift will:


  • Cooordinate all of the preparatory work by other trades

  • Answer all the little questions that are not addressed by the architectural or shop drawings

  • Pull the necessary permits

  • Meet with the site superintendent and other subcontractors

  • Install the lift

  • Take care of post-installation inspection and training requirements

Service of Old & New Lifts

Whether you've got an old dinosaur or a brand-new installation, maintenance is the key to keeping your lift in top form - and keeping you happy. While interior chairlifts require little care beyond routine cleaning, they should be checked by a qualified serviceman at least yearly. The same goes for residential elevators. Any lift installed outdoors has a much tougher go of it and should be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated a minimum of twice a year.


Access Lift has 24 years of experience servicing numerous brands, including National Wheelovator, Cheney, Savaria/Concord and others. As a long-time ThyssenKrupp Access (TKA) dealer, we go back to when that company was known as Access Industries and, originally, American StairGlide (which is why many people refer to any stairway chairlift as a "stairglide"). Unfortunately, TKA ceased manufacturing operations in late 2012. Fortunately for existing owners TKA is still offering parts and technical assistance, so your TKA lift will remain viable for years to come. Access Lift now represents Harmar (formerly Summit), a company whose accessibility lifts division was founded and built by some of the best minds from the old TKA / AI / AS.




So, if it's time for that 1st checkup, regular maintenance, or if you are unhappy with your current service provider, give Access Lift a call. Let us put our integrity and experience to work for you.




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