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Below are some of the products we offer. Click on the picture or title to learn more about that type of lift. If you don't see what you're looking for, just call or email us. We'll be happy to point you in the right direction!
Pinnacle chairlift at top of stairs.

This is the most common type of residential lift.


Chairlifts are often used in churches as well but should not be construed as "ADA-compliant" since they cannot transport a person in a wheelchair. All of our chairlifts feature battery power for worry-free operation even in a power outage and mount to your stair treads for a secure ride. Straight and curved models are available to handle any staircase.





Vertical wheelchair lift, RPL.

These lifts travel vertically, like an elevator, to transport a person, standing or in a wheelchair, to another level. Often used to gain access to a porch or deck in order to enter a house, they can also be used inside a home or business to access separate levels up to 14' of travel floor-to-floor. Vertical wheelchair lifts are offered with or without enclosures, in many styles and lifting heights and up to 3 landing stops ​to help you overcome virtually any obstacle.

Sierra platform wheelchair lift.

These residential lifts feature a platform that travels on a stair-tread-mounted rail to transport a wheelchair user to another level in the home. The lift platform folds up out of the way when not in use. There is little space needed at the top of the stair, although a generous space is required at the bottom landing.

Everest residential elevator.

Once thought of as a luxury​ item, residential elevators are becoming more commonplace as people wish to remain in their homes longer. The relatively low cost, minimal space requirements and sophistication of today's home elevator make it a reasonable choice for anyone looking to ease access amongst all the levels of their home. Wheelchair-friendly cab sizes are available.

Ascent dumbwaiter.

The ultimate convenience, dumbwaiters eliminate the difficulty and danger of carrying heavy or awkward items up and down the stairs of your home. Essentially a scaled-down elevator with a cabinet-sized cab, a dumbwaiter can fit into many floor plans to help lighten your load.

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