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Inclined Wheelchair Lifts


Wheelchair access for the straight stair in your home.

Sierra Inclined Wheelchair Lift

Sierra is an excellent choice for situations where a vertical lift cannot be utilized. If you have a straight staircase with ample room at the bottom landing, an inclined lift may be just what you need. With its compact mounting rail and drive system, Sierra provides a 25" wide (optional 27.5") X 36" long platform and 500 lbs. capacity to transport a wheelchair user up and down the stairs. Powered ramps ease the transition on and off the platform. The platform itself folds manually with a gas assist spring to just 13" away from the wall. Drive loads are supported by the floor-mounted drive rail, while a wall-mounted upper guide rail provides additional stability. Wall modifications are not required. If no wall is present, floor-mount stanchions that support both rails are available.


Options include a 90 degree entry/exit platform, fold-down seat and an exterior package. Contact us to see if Sierra is right for you.

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