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Residential Elevators
Whether used for wheelchair access or simply for convenience,
residential elevators are gaining popularity. 
Everest Residential Elevator

Once thought of as a luxury extravagance, residential elevators are becoming the go-to home accessory for people looking to insure full access to all levels of their home. Advancing age and diminished mobility are no longer obstacles to enjoying the home you have always loved.


With ever more quiet and compact mechanicals, multiple cab configurations and a wide choice of finishes, today's residential elevator is a great choice for a new or existing home. Everest comes standard with the drive machine and electrical controller located inside the elevator hoistway at the top, eliminating the need for the separate machine room associated with traditional elevators. The drive motor features Soft Start and Soft Stop technology for for smooth, quiet operation. 36" x 48" is the standard cab size, with 36" x 60" and 40" X 54" optional. Front, side, 90 degree or straight-through entry/exit configurations make it simple to integrate Everest into your home's floor plan. The standard cab finish is White or woodgrain laminate, with a wide selection of optional wood veneers. The standard accordion cab gate is also available in a variety of finishes. 950 lbs. capacity and 40 feet-per-minute speed whisk you effortlessly to your destination.


Installing a residential elevator is a big decision. Let Access Lift guide you through the choices and make sure your decision is the right one for you. 


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